Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The kiddos had a fantastic time this year trick or treating.  Well, except for the part where the neighbors dog came bounding out of the house and scared the daylights out of them. Aside from that, they had a great time!

I lucked out big time this year since both girls just wanted to wear dress-up clothes that we already had. Bonus! I didn't have to buy costumes.

Let me introduce you to Alice (in Wonderland) and Barbie from the "Barbie in Paris" movie...

Ready for the masses
In years past we've just gone to maybe 6 houses and then headed home. This year they were really into it and we circled the whole block. Unfortunately that meant we weren't home to greet the big crowds and now we have too much candy left over but hey, they had fun.

Have you noticed more people choosing to give away non-edible items this year?  That made me happy. We got stickers, play dough, pencils,  Beanie Babies, and even a tooth brush!
I won't be giving away Beanie Babies next year but I can promise you one thing. I'm not giving candy. There's too much of it and who lets their kids eat all that crap anyway?
I promise not to be the creepy lady who gives out apples or popcorn balls, but I will be finding something cool to give away besides sugar.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What We do on Cold and Rainy Days

When the temperature can drop by 20 degrees in one day, you have to be good at coming up with things to do indoors.  I have to say the kids have gotten pretty good at that.

Here's what they came up with when Tia was sick last week and we couldn't go outside...

Crazy tea party
Sure, the family room was a total mess, but they kept themselves busy and entertained.  Best of all, I didn't have to hear the words "I'm bored".

Then there was this...

Our first time carving a pumpkin!
And when Tia has school, but Gia does not we usually go to the Parent-Tot center and do stuff like this...

With our friend Zara

Halloween crafts
The winters here are long and hard. Indoor activities are a must. I think we handle it pretty well.
Bring it on!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Healthy Treat

About twice a week at least one of the kids asks me to make them a yogurt smoothie.  I'm happy to oblige because it's full of protein and they get in a serving or two of fruit. However, there's usually too much for them to have in one sitting.  I can't stand waste so it bothered me to pour the left overs down the drain.  And, I didn't want to get into the bad habit of finishing their food when they're done (I get in enough calories of my own, I don't need extra help).
Then I got this great idea.  Believe me, I'm not usually the mom with the Suzie Homemaker ideas, so this is big news, OK?

I had this super cool ice cube tray which makes flower shaped ice, purchased from IKEA ages ago. I filled it with the left over smoothie and stuck in cut up straws for a little handle. I started to use tooth pics but quickly realized the straws looked way cuter, and are probably safer for little ones.

They turned out perfect and the kids think they're great. They're so tiny, just the right size for the kiddos.  So now when Tia comes home from school every day asking for a popsicle, I can say yes without any guilt, or fear of ruining her dinner.

A big Hooray for all natural!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Sweetest Day

It's that time of year again.  The girls look forward to this and talk about it for months leading up to it.

The Daddy-Daughter Dance!

They got all dressed up in their new fancy dresses, thanks to Nonna who is always on top of such things, and hit the town (or the local gym) for a night of dancing with their Daddy.

I've heard that this was this was the best year yet, and a blast was had by all.  As usual, I was told I wasn't allowed to attend because "It's only for Dads and daughters".  I offered to wear a disguise and slip in the back door, but no-go on that one!

Here are a couple pictures I took at the house before they left.  Too bad I wasn't not allowed in or I could have gotten some good ones on the dance floor.

Precious moments, special memories in the making.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Sweet Girl Turns Six!

I know it's a cliche, but I truly have no idea where the time has gone.  My little baby is suddenly a 6 year old!

We've celebrated Tia's birthday in true Salerno fashion which started nearly a month ago.  You may recall we took her to the city so she could pick out her American Girl doll.  That was her birthday gift, in lieu of having a party.

Then we went to Disney World where they knew we were celebrating a birthday so of course there were MANY cupcakes to be had.

Then, FINALLY, yesterday was her actual birthday.  It seemed this day would never come.  She woke up bright and early and came into my bed where I serenaded her with the 'happy birthday' song.  Then I ran downstairs to get some of her favorite foods ready for breakfast.  She knew she was getting a few little presents from her sister but had to wait since Sissy was still sleeping!

And that's the birthday bear that we've had since Tia turned 1.  We bring it out for each of the girls on their birthday and it sings 'Happy Birthday' (very loudly).

When Sissy heard the bear singing, she came running downstairs, presents in hand.

She was so excited about her 'gifts', which is hilarious because she got things that she would normally need anyway.  She got socks, hair bands, tooth brushes, etc.  I guess it's the little things that mean the most!

My Blue Eyed Baby
We went out to dinner at her favorite restaurant.  D.R. came in and surprised her, which I think was the best gift she could have gotten! I didn't have the camera with me but her expression was priceless.
Of course there was yet another cupcake and birthday song at the restaurant.

Now I'm pretty sure we're done celebrating.  We have done our best to make Tia feel special, and I hope she feels it.

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Angel Tia!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

One Vacation After Another

This feels like 'The Year of the Vacation' to me.  We haven't spent much time at home these days.  First it was the Chicago weekend, which I already posted about. Almost as soon as that was done, it was time to re-pack and head off to Disney.  We'd been planning the trip for so long, but it seemed to creep up on us all of a sudden!
The girls knew we were going but not exactly when.  We know they don't sleep the night before a big trip so we kept it secret until their 5am. wake up call.  We were all packed and the car was loaded.  It sure didn't take them long to get into vacation mode...

Are we there yet?
I wont' bore you with all the details of the trip because quite honestly, if you're reading this we probably know each other and you've already heard all about it.  However, here area a few of my favorite pictures from the week.

Star struck

Our favorite day

May I have your autograph?
*Sigh*, deep breath.  After Disney, we were home for a few days and then it was off again.  This time to Wisconsin to see the hubby.  I haven't written about it before so if you don't know, he's working up there now.  He goes up for a few days and is home for a few days.  This arrangement will work for now, but we'll likely be moving there as soon as school is done.
This was our first time visiting and we got to see the office, meet some co-workers, and check out the area.  It was a perfect weekend for it.  The weather was gorgeous!

Our favorite part of the weekend was visiting the Milwaukee Zoo.  Just beautiful.  I can't say enough, so of course I have pictures!

The sky ride

can you tell what our favorite color is?

The peacocks roam free here
I'm fairly certain we're done traveling for now.  I thoroughly enjoyed every trip we've been on.  However, I'll be just as happy to be back home and get back on a regular routine again.  It's been a crazy 3 weeks and it's good to be home.