Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Sweet Girl Turns Six!

I know it's a cliche, but I truly have no idea where the time has gone.  My little baby is suddenly a 6 year old!

We've celebrated Tia's birthday in true Salerno fashion which started nearly a month ago.  You may recall we took her to the city so she could pick out her American Girl doll.  That was her birthday gift, in lieu of having a party.

Then we went to Disney World where they knew we were celebrating a birthday so of course there were MANY cupcakes to be had.

Then, FINALLY, yesterday was her actual birthday.  It seemed this day would never come.  She woke up bright and early and came into my bed where I serenaded her with the 'happy birthday' song.  Then I ran downstairs to get some of her favorite foods ready for breakfast.  She knew she was getting a few little presents from her sister but had to wait since Sissy was still sleeping!

And that's the birthday bear that we've had since Tia turned 1.  We bring it out for each of the girls on their birthday and it sings 'Happy Birthday' (very loudly).

When Sissy heard the bear singing, she came running downstairs, presents in hand.

She was so excited about her 'gifts', which is hilarious because she got things that she would normally need anyway.  She got socks, hair bands, tooth brushes, etc.  I guess it's the little things that mean the most!

My Blue Eyed Baby
We went out to dinner at her favorite restaurant.  D.R. came in and surprised her, which I think was the best gift she could have gotten! I didn't have the camera with me but her expression was priceless.
Of course there was yet another cupcake and birthday song at the restaurant.

Now I'm pretty sure we're done celebrating.  We have done our best to make Tia feel special, and I hope she feels it.

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Angel Tia!

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Anonymous said...

Such sweet pics! Can't believe she's 6...and Noah's going to be 6 too...Oh gosh!