Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Grandparent's Visit

The grand folks came up to Wisconsin to visit for 10 days. It was the first time they'd seen our new home.
With all the craziness of changing jobs and moving to a new state, we hadn't seen each other in 6 months! That's not the norm for us.

Needless to say the kiddos were beyond excited to see Nonna and Papa. Here they are headed off to the airport to pick them up...

from our own yard!

We celebrated Nonna's birthday when they arrived (we missed it by 6 days)...

We celebrated Father's Day at one of the many local beaches...

We had a few picnics...

concert in the park

We toured a cheese factory (Yum-O!)

no hair in the cheese, please!
We checked out a hundred year old church and monastery, and climbed up to the top of the tower...

it was a long climb!
We even found a town named after Nonna!

even though they spell it with an 'H'
And on our last day together we went to the Milwaukee Zoo...

Not to mention the soccer practice, ice skating lessons, bowling, dinners, marshmallow roasting, gardening, walking...
We did a lot in 10 days. It was a fantastic visit and went by way too fast.

Now the count down begins for our trip back East to see them at their house. Six weeks until we go 'home'!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Little Ballerina

Last weekend was Gia's dance recital. She worked hard to get to this point. We almost stopped dance lessons once our house sold and we moved 2 hours away, but she wanted to finish out the season, so we made it happen.
It wasn't easy driving back to Illinois week after week for the lessons, but it taught her some very valuable lessons.
Through this experience she learned that we are not quitters. She learned that we finish what we start. She also learned that hard work and dedication are important, even when it's not convenient. And almost as important as those things, she had FUN!
I had fun too. It's just so precious to watch all those little people up on the big stage, all dolled up with make-up, showing off their moves.

Here she is with her class before the show...

Aren't those costumes adorable. And that gaudy make-up...they told us to make it super bright so it would show while on stage, so we did!

They were all so cute and did a great job. We're proud of our little dancer.

She's a winner!
Congratulations little Gi Gi!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Celebration Day

Our new school puts on a big to do at the end of the year. It's sort of like "Field Days" but here they call it Celebration Day.
I was happy to hear they needed lots of parent volunteers for the preschool classes. I signed right up! I love to have the opportunity to see my kids at school, interacting with their friends, and learning!

The first big deal of the day was that Gia (the preschooler) was able to eat lunch in the cafeteria 'like a big kid'. Since preschool is half day, they are home at lunch time. It was so cool to see her go through the line and eat a school lunch, (even though it was a hot dog). She's just growing up way too fast.

Then I snuck out for a minute to run over and catch Tia having lunch with her class. Of course she packed because there was NO WAY she was going to eat a hot dog. Here she is with her new best friend Bree...

The rest of the day was spent outside playing games and having lots of fun. Here's a little glimpse...


snack time

Look at that face! I think we can safely say these kids have adjusted nicely to their new school and new friends. I just couldn't ask for anything more.

Of course this little olive skinned angel did fine out in the sun all day with a little sun block on her nose and cheeks. Her big sister and myself however got burnt to a crisp! Tia got the worst of it on her cheeks, but I got it all over my neck and chest. I can't even remember the last time I've been sun burned.
I've been to the equator, no sun burn. I've been to Italy in the August heat, no sunburn. Take me to an elementary school picnic in Wisconsin...Burnt!

A great time was had by all. And, after all that fresh air and exercise, they slept like little angels.

Happy last day of school!