Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Healthy Treat

About twice a week at least one of the kids asks me to make them a yogurt smoothie.  I'm happy to oblige because it's full of protein and they get in a serving or two of fruit. However, there's usually too much for them to have in one sitting.  I can't stand waste so it bothered me to pour the left overs down the drain.  And, I didn't want to get into the bad habit of finishing their food when they're done (I get in enough calories of my own, I don't need extra help).
Then I got this great idea.  Believe me, I'm not usually the mom with the Suzie Homemaker ideas, so this is big news, OK?

I had this super cool ice cube tray which makes flower shaped ice, purchased from IKEA ages ago. I filled it with the left over smoothie and stuck in cut up straws for a little handle. I started to use tooth pics but quickly realized the straws looked way cuter, and are probably safer for little ones.

They turned out perfect and the kids think they're great. They're so tiny, just the right size for the kiddos.  So now when Tia comes home from school every day asking for a popsicle, I can say yes without any guilt, or fear of ruining her dinner.

A big Hooray for all natural!

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