Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What We do on Cold and Rainy Days

When the temperature can drop by 20 degrees in one day, you have to be good at coming up with things to do indoors.  I have to say the kids have gotten pretty good at that.

Here's what they came up with when Tia was sick last week and we couldn't go outside...

Crazy tea party
Sure, the family room was a total mess, but they kept themselves busy and entertained.  Best of all, I didn't have to hear the words "I'm bored".

Then there was this...

Our first time carving a pumpkin!
And when Tia has school, but Gia does not we usually go to the Parent-Tot center and do stuff like this...

With our friend Zara

Halloween crafts
The winters here are long and hard. Indoor activities are a must. I think we handle it pretty well.
Bring it on!

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Anonymous said...

Where's the completed carved Pumpkin picture???????? We did one last year, it looked like it had an evil grin!