Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The new big girl in the house

Gia will be 4 in a couple months.  She's been telling us for a while now that her toddler bed is too small for her.  I guess since she's in the 90th percentile for height, she's probably right!  So, we decided as an early birthday gift we would order her a mattress set and allow her to pick out her own bedding.  Since I got to take Tia for her bedding shopping, D.R. got to take Gia this time.  They had lots of fun and she was so proud of herself.  She didn't pick any of the patterns we had looked at on line the day before.  She has a style all her own and insisted on this...

She's so happy with her choice, and I'm so happy she didn't pick Disney Princess!
She was a little nervous about her first night in the big bed and asked her sister to have a sleep over...

That didn't last very long since Tia actually wanted to sleep and Gia just wanted to talk and giggle!

My 'babies' are growing up so fast.  It's bitter sweet.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making a Little Progress

We went to our favorite little market today and Tia pointed to a fruit she didn't recognize and asked "What's that?".  I told her it was a Mango.  Gia, the brave younger sister said "I want to try one".  Okie Dokie, we bought one and brought it home.  I peeled it, Gia raved about how sweet and juicy it was and how it was almost like melon.  Can you guess what happened next?

Tia tried a new food!
She didn't just taste it, she ate 3 sizable pieces!  Gia and I said we were so proud and couldn't wait to tell the rest of the family.  It's cute how Gia knows to make a big deal whenever Tia tries something new.
Maybe, just maybe we are getting somewhere with this issue and Tia won't be living off PB&J and apple sauce for the rest of her life!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V-Day Part Two

I forgot to mention yesterday that D.R. and I got up WAY early and went to the gym together.  We did a spin class (at 5:15am!).  What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than getting that heart pumping with some good cardio exercise!

We did have our fancy dinner in the dining room last night for Valentine's Day.  However, I totally forgot to put candles on the table, so technically it was NOT a candle-lit dinner.  I don't think anyone noticed or cared.
We had grilled salmon served over a bed of wilted baby spinach, a simple salad, ravioli (for the non fish eaters), and of course fruit and wine.  It was really nice.  No waiting and battling the crowds to get into a restaurant.  No over priced, dull food.  Just good food, family and lots of laughs.

I only took 2 pictures...

So happy to be with Nonna!

What a cheesy grin
So, we're finally done with Valentine's Day celebrations.  Phew!  Now, can someone please come and confiscate all the chocolate that has taken over my house?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Part One

We've celebrated Valentine's Day so much over the past couple of days that I think I might have to do 2 posts on it.  We usually make a big deal out of V-day for the girls, but this year even more so because the grand folks are in town.  I swear it's like Christmas (almost) around here.
In keeping with our family tradition, the kids woke up on Sunday morning to a table full of surprises...

all smiles when they realized what day it was!
A few presents for V-Day...OK, a little more than a few but really it's because Nonna and I both put together gift bags.  We don't normally go this overboard!

cool new hat and tights.

of course books are always involved in our celebrations.
Notice there was no candy or chocolate involved.  They didn't miss it one bit, instead enjoying new books, barrettes and tights.  All things they needed anyway.

However, what would a celebration be without cake?  Tia enjoyed making it.  Gia enjoyed eating it!

Thank God for sugar free frosting!
she had no interest in eating it.

My Valentine
 Since we have two very willing baby sitters staying with us, the hubby and I were able to go out on a hot date (matinee movie).  We were back in time for dinner with the family.

Since today is actually Valentine's Day, we had heart shaped, red pancakes and red apple sauce for breakfast.  We're so dorky!
Tonight is our fancy, candle-lit dinner in the formal dining room that we do every year.  If I remember to take pictures, there will be a 'part 2' post tomorrow.

I hope you had a special Valentines-Day with your family!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look Mom, No Cavities!

We had our annual trip to the dentist on "Give Kids A Smile Day".  Our local dentist office makes it a big deal for the kids, complete with the tooth fairy.  This is Tia's third time and Gia's second.  It's such a positive experience, they absolutely love going to the dentist!

So happy to be in the big chair

A visit with the Tooth Fairy

All clean

All done!
As a parent, I'm so pleased that both kids view a visit to the dentist as a positive thing, and they look forward to going every year.  Best of all, no cavities again!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011

I'm not a big fan of winter.  So, when our weather forecast was described in one word, "Blizzard", I was not thrilled.  This is our 5th winter in the Chicago area and I have to say we are pretty lucky with our snow fall numbers compared to our friends back East.  However, this time we got all the snow that they didn't get, and more!
Everything is shut down today, and likely tomorrow while we try to dig out of all this.  Even though it's way too cold to really enjoy the snow, we did let the kids come out for about 10 minutes for the novelty of it.  Here are some of the pictures we took this morning.

the snow is taller than they are

team work

the snow drift is as tall as the porch
helper #1

Helper #2
Tia was the trooper, wanting to stay out as long as possible.  Gia and I headed in once our fingers got cold, and made soup!  She definitely takes after her Mama.

We hope everyone is warm and cozy on this snowy, winter day!