Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fond Memories, New Beginnings

After five wonderful years of living in our home here in Illinois, we're ready to move on. Honestly, if it were up to me, I could stay here forever.
My baby was born here. Tia learned how to walk and talk here. They both experienced their first day of school here. It's been a great place to raise kids. We've met some wonderful friends.

Now we're preparing to move up to Wisconsin. I never imagined myself living even farther North than we do now, but somehow it's meant to be.

Last week the girls and I drove up and met D.R. so we could close on our new home. It had been such a long and arduous process, we were all excited to finally seal the deal!

We went out for Chinese the night before the house closing and this was Gia's fortune...

Pretty appropriate, huh?

So here she is, our new home. She's a beaut isn't she?

So far we've been loving her from a distance. We haven't spent even one night there because the kids are in school. We'll be heading up this weekend for a big sleep over, and the kids are beyond excited.

I look forward to making lots of new memories in our new home.

Here's to the next chapter in our lives!


Anonymous said...

And I'll be reduced to one of those friends who see you mostly on Facebook and Blog and leave "Missing you" comments.

The Sugden Family said...

Getting back into the family blog... I haven't logged in since Christmas, I'm so behind! I hope you are loving Wisconsin! Your home is beautiful! You will be missed here in IL. but it is so exciting your new adventure! We're trying to move too... looks like we might end up in Texas! I'll be feeling much the same way as you if we do! Bitter sweet! Good luck on all your new adventures, all the best! ~Mel