Monday, August 29, 2011

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Anyone who has kids knows that the single most expensive thing we buy them every year is their shoes!  I cringe at the thought.
However, you all know I am a big bargain hunter so I always have my eyes peeled for some major savings.

Today while grocery shopping I bought 8 pair of girls summer shoes, several different sizes, which should cover my kids for a couple years.

Here they are...

If I had paid full price for all these, my total would have been $114.00.  But you know I did NOT pay anywhere near full price.  My total for 8 pair of shoes was...


The mocassins were $4 each, and the "Mary Jane's" were $3 each after all discounts.  I love a good clearance find, especially when I'm not expecting it!

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