Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year...Our Way

Suddenly this year the kids knew about New Year's Eve, and brought up the idea of having a party.  I'm not sure where they learned about this, since we've never talked about it and haven't ever taken them to a New Year's party.  So, after an 11 hour road trip back from NY, we decided to give them their wish.  I made up a party tray of healthy snacks...

They thought this was SO cool.  Even cooler was the fact that we allowed them to eat in the family room.  Whoa, the rebellion!

We got in our pajamas, snacked, watched a movie, snacked some more, and danced around a bit.

The Kiddos wanted to get out the sleeping bags and have a camp out in the family room.  After being away from home for a week, we REALLY wanted to sleep in our own bed, but we gave in and let them have their fun.  We didn't exactly ring in the new year though.  The kids and D.R. were all snoring by 8:00 and I followed around 9:00!
I hope this is the first year of many that we celebrate the New Year together, in our own special way.  My kids sure know how to have a good time!

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