Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time to Brag!

We had our very first Parent-Teacher conference for Tia tonight.  This is her second year of preschool (missed the kindergarten cut off), but she's in a new school this year.  We got her into this preschool because of some concerns we had about her speech, as well as SEVERE anxiety.  Several friends recommended this program and we were thrilled that she got in.  We continue to be impressed.

When I brought up the anxiety issue, her teacher looked at me puzzled and asked "Tia?".  Yup, that kid who comes bounding into the class every day with a huge smile on her face.  That's the one who was up for a week prior to the first day of school, unable to sleep, overcome with anxiety of an unfamiliar situation.  She's different now.  She's confident and strong.  She loves school, and taking the bus.  Whatever they're doing over there, it's working, and we love it!

The teacher informed us that the list of goals set for each student is what they are supposed to achieve by the end of the school year.  Tia has accomplished EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM NOW!  Yup, she's kindergarten ready and it's only November.  I'm one proud Mama!  I'm proud not only for the academic achievement, but for the fact that the teacher said Tia is a pleasure to have in class.  She is happy and friendly.  She plays well with others.  She follows directions and enjoys learning.  That makes me happy.

My very happy school girl!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! So happy to read this post!!! Indeed you have every right to be proud of her.

The picture of her is precious! Absolutely gorgeous!

anna said...

Awesome!! I am so glad she is loving school now! It makes it so much easier to send her on that bus now, huh?

You have a great way with words, Ronda. I am glad I read it. Thanks for sharing!

The Sugden Family said...

You should be proud, of her and yourself!! A reflection of your parenting as well! Good Job Tia and Good Job Mama!!