Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Times at School

The girls have had a lot of fun at school this week.  Gia is at a Christian preschool so they don't have a typical Halloween party.  They have a "Noah's Ark" party where all the children come dressed as an animal.  Here's my sweet little butterfly at school.  She had a great time with all her friends, special crafts, and pumpkin cookies!

Tia's school has a "silly dress" day just before Halloween.  She couldn't wait to dress up, as well as see what all her friends would be wearing.  Here's what she chose to wear for the special occasion.

Love those tights with orange socks!  She came home with a bag full of loot because they went around "trick or treating" to the school offices.

Both girls had such a great time in their classes. I'm glad they really enjoy school and look forward to going.  Great fun!

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Anonymous said...

Noah's school also doesn't have Halloween celebrations. I wondered why.

LOVE Juju's costume!!!

And if this is the way Tia dresses on a silly dress day, can't wait to see her on a good day! She HAS taste!