Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sometimes Life is Like...

...a bad comedy.

Life around the Salerno house has been a little on the crazy side the past few days. Sometimes I think I'm living in a really bad comedy.
On Friday I took the girls to the mall to have their pictures taken. They turned out OK, not fantastic, but I did pick out one that was frame worthy. Then we went over to the play area where Tia immediately tripped and fell. She got a big mark on her neck and was hysterical. Security came to give her an ice pack. They asked me twice if I'd like to have a paramedic check her out! I wondered if it made me look like a bad mom because I said no. I knew she was just upset and would be fine once we got home.
Later that same day I told D.R. to take the girls out for some fresh air. It bothered me that they hadn't been outside all day since Tia had to rest her neck injury! They weren't outside for 5 minutes when I heard lots of screaming and panic. We found out the hard way that there's a bees nest in the leg of our swing set. When D.R. was pushing the girls on the swings, the bees became agitated and swarmed them. Tia got stung on the forehead, D.R. was stung on the hand. It was at this point that I considered keeping Tia locked in her room to avoid any further injuries! A round of Benadryl for everyone and we called it a night. We couldn't wait for this day to be over.
This brings us to Saturday. I'm cleaning the house, D.R. wants to mow the lawn. "be careful of the bees" I say. A half hour later, he comes back in the house, only having cut half of the lawn. Hmm, wanna' know why? Yup, the lawn mower died! That's just what we needed after our camera died! Supposedly these things happen in threes. I sure hope that's just an old wives tale.

Skip ahead to Sunday. D.R.'s hand now looks like an inflated latex balloon. Add to that, it's red and very hot. He's having some dizziness. I suggest he goes to urgent care and have it checked out. "Really?" he asks, since he never goes to doctors and thinks nothing is ever a big deal. Yes, I insist, and off he goes. Sure enough, it's cellulitis and the infection was traveling up his hand. They give him a bunch of drugs and instructions and he's on his way. That's the extent of his first doctor visit in 6 years.
Last night we decided to try to spray the nest after the kids went to bed. You would have laughed a lot if you saw us. D.R. was wrapped from head to toe in makeshift protective gear. I'm a little braver, and not at all allergic to bees, so I just went out with a jacket. D.R. gave a big spray, and then ran like a girl back to the house! It was quite comical.
We're not sure if the bees are still alive in there, and nobody really wants to check.
We're just hoping for a better week


Anonymous said...

Oh God, I know how bad allergies can be! Hope DR is completely ok now.

Ronda said...

his hand is much better now, thank God! At least now we know in case it happens again.