Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gia Says the Darndest Things!

In recent weeks, Gia has been pretty much obsessed by Jim Croce. Keep in mind that this is a folk singer who died when I was younger than she is now! I put the CD on a while ago and she has been stuck on Jim ever since. She just turned 3 but she knows the words to most of the songs and sings along joyfully. However, as most people do, she sometimes gets a word or two wrong. When the words are "living in L.A.", Gia sings "swimmin' in a lake"! I have to crack up every time.

Sometimes it's really neat to get a glimpse of what's going on in a kids' head. I never knew until the other day that Gia has been thinking my sister had a baby. My sister has a grandson, who we see whenever we're in town. I never imagined that Gia thought the baby belonged to my sister. She was talking about "Baby Angelo" the other day and D.R. asked her "Whose baby is he?". Sure enough, she answered "Aunt Kimmie". The best part of the story is when he asked her "Who is the baby's father?" and she answered, very confidently "Thomas!". Um, that's my sister's oldest son, so that's not really possible. We cracked up and then of course explained to her that she had it all wrong. I just think it's cute that all this time she had the whole thing figured out in her head, and we had no idea!

Here they are with their cousin Angelo, and his REAL mother!


Anonymous said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.............................................................

Anonymous said...

Can't help laughing reading this one!!!! Gia is amazing!!!!