Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Art in the Park

I know I've mentioned it several times before, but there are so many cute things for the kids to do in our little mid-western town. Here's one of our favorites.

Every Wednesday through the end of July, the "art lady" comes to the park down the street from our house. She brings loads of craft ideas for kids of any age. My kids really get into it because they can make as much of a mess as they please, it's all done outside. They pull some quarters from their piggy banks for their projects (most cost .50) and proudly pay for everything themselves.We usually make a whole day out of it, complete with time on the playground and a picnic lunch.

Painting a dolphin for PaPa.

Look at that intensity. She spent 45 minutes meticulously painting this heart.

Then of course Gia did 4 more crafts while Tia was still painting.

Unfortunately it was unbearably hot today so we couldn't stay and play very long. The sun was too much for any of us to handle. The kids had to stand under a tree to have their juice before the short walk back home. For once, they didn't mind leaving the park!

Gotta' hydrate. So refreshing!

I am happy we were able to get out of the house for a little while, even with the oppressive heat. Now I'm even more happy to back in my air conditioned house!

Fun Fun Fun.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics!!! Missing the summer there...if you really think it's hot there, you should come to's like being slowly fried!

Anonymous said...
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