Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scenes of Summer

As a kid I was highly allergic to mosquito bites. Unfortunately for me, those little buggers love me. Unfortunately for Gia, she takes after her Mommy.
I had planned to take the girls to have their pictures taken tomorrow in their gorgeous new dresses I picked up, on the clearance rack of course. As you can see, that appointment had to be canceled. After spending the whole morning at the park yesterday, my poor little baby is covered in very painful bites all over her body and face. She's been a trooper but I heard her crying in her room at nap time. She finally let me put some calamine on her after not even letting me look at her bites all day!
She's on the mend, and mommy will learn to use the bug spray next time!


Haddock said...

Some kids can't take insect bites, and you can't do anything when those helicopters swoop down on you in hordes.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it! I forgot to bring the mosquito repellent here, and before the first day was out, my kids were covered with the bites as I helplessly watched.

Hugs to Gia! She's a strong girl.