Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Raising a Strong Woman

Because of Tia's shy personality, I've been concerned for some time now that she would end up being a 'follower'. In addition to being shy, she allows her baby sister to boss her around and she really looks up to older kids. I've discussed these things with my husband many times. We've talked about how we can raise strong girls who won't fall into the wrong crowd and just try to fit in. I know it seems strange to be thinking of this at such a young age, but personality is set very early on in life.

Well, yesterday this shy girl set me straight and made me very proud! She was playing with a couple of new (much older) friends we just met from down the street. All of a sudden I hear Tia raise her voice and say, with finger pointed "That's a naughty word. My Mom told me not to say that because it's naughty!". D.R. and I were beaming! She stood up for herself and wasn't afraid to express what she knew to be right. Victory! Later, when we all came inside, I asked Tia what the naughty word was. She said "Stupid! My friend said stupid and I told her it wasn't nice to say that!". Of course I told her I was so very proud of her and that she showed me she is a strong girl. She said "Yup, check out my muscles!". That's my girl.