Thursday, June 17, 2010

So much to say...

so little time.

My readers will have to wait to get updates on all the happenings over the last week. We're in NY visiting family and have been very busy. I've taken tons of pictures but don't have the ability to upload and edit them from here. You know I like to add pictures to my posts!

Just a sneak peak:
My sister flew to Chicago and stayed with us for two days. We met up with an aunt we never knew we had! We did the drive back to NY together, and she was great company.
We did a 5K walk in honor of our mother and the one year anniversary of her death.
Took the kids to the Strong National Museum of Play!
This weekend is our big family reunion and we have cousins coming from several states!

So, be forewarned, I'll have a lot to say and many pictures to post once we get back home. Until then, enjoy life and be well.