Friday, June 4, 2010

Pancakes for a good cause

Yesterday I took the girls to Colonial Cafe (Their favorite restaurant!) for "Penny Pancake Day". The restaurant holds this event once a year and the proceeds go to a deserving charity. It just so happens that this year the chosen recipient was a family in our neighborhood. They recently lost their little boy to brain cancer and have insurmountable medical bills. I've met the dad, and we're all very familiar with their story so it felt good to know we were supporting a good cause. The kids absolutely love pancakes and we had a lot of fun. My friend Anna and her son Kyle met us there for a very sugary lunch. There was syrup everywhere!

Here are the three of them with the famous cafe cow...

And a picture of the girls in front of the Penny Pancake Day sign. Tia is saying "Mooooo", that's why her lips are poking out like that! Notice those great looking hair cuts?

We had a great time and helped support a good cause. What more could I ask for?