Friday, February 5, 2010

A visit to the Dentist

Today was "give a child a smile day" at one of the dental offices in town. I guess it's something that goes on across the country to encourage dental health for children. Tia went last year and loved it. This year we decided to try it for both the kids. I took out the pictures of Tia's visit last year and we talked a lot about how much fun it was, to try to diffuse Gia's anxiety.
The whole morning Gia kept saying she wasn't going to the dentist. She's a very strong willed child, so I was absolutely sure she was not going to sit at all.

Tia got called back first, and we all went in with her. Almost as soon as she hopped up in the chair, the hygienist called Gia to another room.

Tia was totally fine with me leaving her so I could be with Gia. She's a pro now!

Look how brave and grown up she looks! She wasn't afraid at all and I'm pretty sure she even had fun. She shocked us all.

Teeth are all clean. No concerns and no cavities!

After a photo opportunity with the "Tooth Fairy", we went to the dollar store and they each got to pick out a prize for being so good. It was their first time at a dollar store too, can you believe that?!
I'm so pleased that they have both been to the dentist and both had wonderful experiences there. On the way out Tia even asked "Mom, can we come here again?". That's what a Mom likes to hear!

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