Monday, February 8, 2010

The Big Girl of the House

We've been doing a lot of talking lately about Gia getting rid of her pacifier. She has only ever used it at bed time, and it wasn't really a problem. However, we were down to the last 2 and I was not willing to replace them if they got lost. We told Gia the story of when her big sister went to the toy store and picked out a toy, and was able to pay for it with her pacifiers. She thought that was pretty neat and expressed an interest in doing it if she could get a yellow fire truck. We seized the opportunity and took her to Toys R Us on Saturday morning. We found the yellow fire truck, and she didn't like it! She picked out a couple more things, then decided she didn't like them either. She was bouncing around the store like the ball in a pin ball machine. Why do I remember this going so much better with Tia?
She finally picked out a "Princess Palace" (ie. piece of junk) and we ran for the check out. She was so proud to pay for her prize with her very own pacifiers. The cashier was not wise to what we were doing and I had to mouth to her 'throw them out'. Then she got it. Gia didn't ask about those darn things until nap time and then she had a really hard time. This is a child who really NEEDS her naps. Finally Daddy went and let her lay in our bed and stayed with her until she fell asleep.
Yesterday she woke up 2 hours before her normal time and didn't take a nap at all. I took her to the pool last night and got her good and tired out. She went to bed without a problem and slept to her normal time this morning. The only problem she is having now is if she is woken up by something, like a bad dream, she has a hard time getting back to sleep on her own. It's only the second day so I have to say that's not too bad.
Gia is very proud to tell people that she doesn't use a "ba-pa" any more. She wants to be viewed as a big girl like her sister.
She really is growing up so fast. I just scheduled her 3 year check up at the pediatrician! My baby isn't a baby any more, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

3 year old????????? Why, she was just born yesterday!!!!! Even I am having a hard time accepting Gia will be 3 soon.

Ronda said...

I almost cried when I made the appointment for her 3 year check up!