Monday, February 1, 2010

A Cooking Day

Tia woke up with a little cold today, which meant another "stay home day". I decided to take the opportunity to do some cooking with the girls. They really enjoy the process, and I really need to be better at meal planning.

First, we made a big batch of turkey meat balls. Gia loved it! Tia wouldn't touch the meat and preferred to just watch. After all, she is our vegetarian.
We also made some turkey burgers for the freezer. Always a great "go-to meal" when I'm out of ideas, or didn't bother to plan ahead!

Next up was a big pot of Sushi rice, Tia's favorite. She calls it her "Benihana rice" because that's what she orders when we go to Benihana. It's a long and laborious process to make proper sushi rice. However, I had my two little helpers so it went great. Here they are fanning the rice to cool
it, a very important step in the process.

And here is Tia proudly displaying her finished product.

This afternoon we'll be doing chocolate chip cookies. It's a full day of cooking and baking. Sure beats sitting in front of the TV all day!


Anonymous said...

Ok, those chocolate chip cookies did it for me! I am going to the store right now to get some.

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