Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Nice Surprise

I've been wanting to take the girls to Chuck E Cheese on a weekday while all the bigger kids are in school, when it wouldn't be so crowded.
Well, we had a big drop in temperature today so I decided this was the day. The girls asked if we were having a "stay home day", which is our usual Wednesday routine, and I surprised them by telling them we were going to Chuck E Cheese! Tia had only been there once for a birthday party (total chaos) and Gia had never been.
I was so pleasantly surprised to see we were the only ones in the place for at least an hour. Then we were joined by a set of grandparents and their little ones. What a great time for the kids to explore and play without all the noise and craziness.

Here's my big brave girl on the giant Jeep, having a great time.

Gia insisted on riding with her arm around her new buddy Chuck.

The funny thing here is that Gia just learned about this Teletubby character from a book. His name is "Noo Noo" and she pretends to run and hide from him several times a day. Imagine her surprise when she saw him there, up close and life size!

And the all time favorite of the day was the mini carousel. They both loved it and rode it many times.

So, although I wasn't a big fan of Chuck E Cheese in the past, I have a whole new perspective on the place. We all had a fantastic time and can't wait to go back!

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