Thursday, February 25, 2010

Egg Hunt Scrabble!

Tia's class asked us to send in 12 plastic Easter eggs for a project they are doing. I found a bag of eggs at Target but it contained 48 eggs. I figured we'd use the left overs for Easter.
Well, those brightly colored plastic eggs were way too tempting for my kids and I never got to put them away with the Easter decorations.
So, today I decided to turn this latest obsession into a fun and educational lesson. During nap time I hid 30 eggs around the dining room. Each egg was filled with a special 'treat'. A few of them had an M&M inside, but the rest held alphabet cookies. They had a great time hunting for the eggs and never even asked if there was something inside.

They were super excited to discover there was something inside. Here's Gia exclaiming "H!".

And here are a couple of the words Tia discovered she could spell with what she found (with a little help from Mom).

Our little afternoon activity got them excited, running around, thinking about letters, and even provided their snack!


Anonymous said...

人生不如意事,十常八九。 ..................................................

Mom Daughter Style said...

your daughters are so cute. just came across your blog, it's great

The Sugden Family said...

You are too clever Ronda, I love it!