Friday, February 19, 2010

My Fashion Consultant

There she is, my new fashion consultant and adviser. At the age of 4, Tia has recently become very interested in fashion. I let her watch one episode of "What Not To Wear" and since then, she's been talking a lot about things like "putting things together" and "matching". She was so proud of this outfit because of all the pieces of hot pink (boots, shirt, sweater, head band).

The other day I went shopping and bought two new sweaters for myself. When I got home Tia immediately wanted to see what I bought. She laid the sweaters out on the couch so she could take a good look at them. A few days later, while getting ready to go to a play group she said "Mom, I think you should wear your new orange sweater with those black pants". Once I was all dressed and ready to go, she touched my face and said "Mom, you look so beautiful. I'm so proud of you". Yep, that's my 4 year old fashion adviser. She's not going to let me be one of those mom's who let themselves go. Not my kid!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I can see Tia on one side(on the blogpost) & next to it is your profile picture on the page. Both of you have the EXACT stance!!! Check it out!

Also, I'll take Tia's advice on fashion anyday! She's a smart cookie!