Sunday, July 12, 2009

She's Got the Music in Her!

I grew up with an extended family that had enormous musical talent. Sadly, nobody in my immediate family had any of it. I can remember as a kid thinking how great it was that my uncles and cousins could play instruments, and of course wishing I could do what they did.
I've been wondering lately if either of my kids will be musically inclined. D.R. and I are always on the look out for what our girls have a natural talent for, so that we can encourage and cultivate that talent. I was sort of shocked recently when Tia and I were some place together where there was music playing over head. She said to me "Mom, that's a trumpet, do you hear the trumpet?". I don't know how she picked out the trumpet sound, how she knew the name of the instrument, or even why she would think twice about the "pumped in" music in the first place. I wondered then if she was developing an ear for music.
Tonight we took the girls to an outdoor concert. It was a great night. We packed our dinner, brought our picnic blanket and lawn chairs, and joined the crowd. I cannot begin to explain how excited Tia got when the music started. Then she saw the trumpet player and her face lit up and she screamed "I see it! I see the trumpet...Look, there's a saxophone!". She was jumping out of her seat. I asked her if she wanted to get closer to see the instruments. She jumped at the chance. I carried her closer to the stage and held her while she watched. I could sense she wanted to dance, so I put her down. I can't believe what came out of this kid! She danced, non-stop, for the rest of the performance. She attracted the attention of everyone around her. This shy little girl who lives in a virtual shell most of the time, broke through her barrier and just let herself go. The concert was free, but watching my daughter break out of that shell and let go was priceless. I was almost in tears.
So, I think we have discovered how to bring out the real Tia. She loves music, and she loves to dance. If those things brings out her confidence, then a dancer she will be!
I really wish I had my camera!

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Amy Jo said...

Wow! That's really cool to see what get's her moving.