Monday, July 13, 2009

Angels Watchin' Over Me

Today I was out in the yard pulling weeds, and the kids were playing on the swings. Quite literally out of the blue, Gia said "Angels Mom, Angels!". I just said "oh, what are you talking about angels for?". Her response sent shivers up my spine and almost brought me to tears. She said "Mema sent them Mom, Angels!". (Wow).
I very calmy said "oh, Mema sent angels? What did she send them for?". And her response was "she sent them for ME. Next to me Mom". (Whoa).

I've always believed that small children can see things that we can't. They have innocent eyes, unclouded by public opinion. Everyone has their own thoughts on this subject but I believe she saw angels, and that her Mema sent them for her. If my 2 year old tells me that an angel is next to her, I have no choice but to believe her. I take comfort in knowing that my Mom is still watching over our family, and even pulled in some reinforcements by sending some of her angel friends.

Today my Mom was with us in our garden. She is always with us in our hearts.


Anonymous said...

Oh Absolutely, there is no doubt about it!

My Dad has always been there for me...especially during the times when I am sad, I can FEEL his presence and his strength.

The Sugden Family said...

This gives me the chills! I believe in this so strongly! There is not a doubt in my mind it is true! What a blessing!! The next best thing to having her here in person, is always having her there in heart and spirit... she lives on now, through you and your girls, and it's beautiful! Thank you for sharing this!