Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting a little More Crafty

We've been experimenting with taking Tia's naps away. She goes to bed easier, and sleeps all night when she doesn't have a nap. I'm not sure what to do with all that extra time in the afternoon now! I'm trying my best to come up with new and exciting craft ideas. Here was our first attempt. Tia absolutely loved this craft. We made 2 jars and would have kept going if we hadn't run out of glass beads.
Here's our project:

We washed out an empty jelly jar. The glass beads were bought from Wal Mart.
Tia picked out her favorite ones.

I used the hot glue gun and Tia stuck on the beads.

After a while I had to take over the gluing because Tia's finger got a little toasty from the hot glue. That's OK, she was fine with picking out each bead and handing them to me for placement.

Here she is proudly showing off her finished product.
This one is for Daddy's change, or so she tells me.

This is our second one. Much bigger this time. I believe it was a salsa jar.
Tia has decided this one is for her cousin Jennifer.

Ah, another day, another craft...tomorrow is another day.

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