Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Early Anniversary Gift for Me!

OK, we aren't supposed to buy each other anniversary gifts. I think we stopped doing that after the first year. We usually just go out for a nice dinner. This year my in-laws will be in town so we even get to do an overnight in a hotel and see a show, a rare treat! However, for some reason my hubby decided to get me a gift this year. And here it is!

It's the Kodak HD Zi6. I'm not a techy person, and not exactly a big fan of Kodak products (even though I'm from Rochester, the Kodak headquarters), but this thing is adorable! It's a little (about the size of a blackberry) video camera. We have a video camera that is pretty small compared to what they used to look like, but it's still just too cumbersome to bring around with us, so we always end up leaving it home. Well, this thing fits in my pocket or purse, so I anticipate taking a lot more video of our kids. The memory card fits right into the computer so I can immediately upload and email our pictures and videos. No more little cassettes that have to be converted to DVD. And of course it goes without saying that the best part is that it's pink!

Now, the daunting task of finding a cool anniversary gift for D.R.! Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

Looks pretty cool!!!!

Here's looking forward to some more cool pics from Ronda!!!