Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Nice Surprise!

Late last night, way past my bed time, I was sitting up chatting with friends. I was just saying how my husband had told me to get some rest and "take a night off", as to not get run down. Of course, I didn't listen and was having wine with the best girlfriends in the world. Suddenly I hear a pounding on the front door that sent me into panick mode! I couldn't imagine who would be knocking on the door so late. When I looked at the glass door, there was nobody there. As I cautiously peeked around the corner, there stood my smiling husband! What a sweet and much needed surprise.

Apparently he missed us so much, and felt I needed him to be here, that he skipped out of work and drove 11 hours, straight through, so he could spend the weekend with us. Me being happy to have him here isn't the half of it. The girls are jumping out of their skin with joy! The expression on Tia's face this morning when she saw her Daddy was just priceless.

So today, D.R. gets huge husband points. Our family feels whole again.


The Sugden Family said...

This post has got me all choked up!! What a great hubby! I can imagine my husband doing the same thing, as he has in the past... so I can relate to your joy! I'm so happy that you have him there with you, I'm sure it is just what the doc would order! Now you can actually relax a bit! And the support, so good! Take care of yourself and enjoy your Mom all you can!!
We miss you back in IL.

Anonymous said...

Hey...that's such a sweet gesture!

No wonder you were not picking the phone when I called!