Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Great Find!

It's not really a big clearance time of year, so I wasn't expecting to buy anything when I went to JC Penney today. I had to go in and pick up the girls' pictures that we had taken a couple weeks ago. They were ready last week but since I was in NY, and D.R. totally forgot, they've been sitting there for a while. Of course I had to walk past the little girls section on our way out. I saw a big rack with girls underwear and a sign that said $1.19. I grabbed 6 packages, since I have 2 girls and they will always need underwear. There were some socks marked clearance too but I wasn't sure how much they would be.

When I got to the register the clerk told me all my items were ringing up regular price. She sent a girl back to check the rack and sure enough, I was right and everything was on sale. However, when she rang up the discount on the underwear, they came down to .98 a package! That's my kind of bargain.

So, I got 18 pairs of underwear, and 12 pairs of socks for a grand total of ...

The original prices were $7.99 each package. My receipt tells me I saved $54.88 today. I'm pretty proud of myself on this one!


The Sugden Family said...

oh my gosh, you find the best deals!!! Good for you! :)

Anonymous said...

I love a good bargain too but I NEVER get anything even close to what you get!

You are very lucky!