Friday, May 22, 2009

The Road Home...again

I'm back in Rochester this week, visiting with my Mom. We had a scare last week where she admitted she thought the end was 'very near', so I felt visiting now was the right thing to do.
My DEAR FRIEND Sheila, who I have known for what seems like an eternity, decided to fly to Chicago and do the road trip back with me. She was a great help and the trip couldn't have gone smoother. The kids love her and she loves them.

So, we have been here in Rochester since Sunday evening. My Mom is still with us but seems weaker by the day. She is happy to have us here so she can see the kids running around, full of life. I'm glad I am able to provide that gift to her.

Everyone keeps asking me how long I will be here. I don't have an answer to that question. This is one of those things that just can't be planned. I keep thinking I don't want to leave because she could take a turn for the worse tomorrow, and I would have to come right back anyway. Doesn't make much sense for anyone. I miss my husband, and I'm sure the kids miss their Daddy. Tia started asking about him yesterday. I just have to remind myself that they are young and this disruption will not affect the rest of their lives.

So, for a while I will be staying with my in-laws, missing my husband, visiting with my Mom, trying to keep things normal for the girls, and everything else that goes along with managing a family crisis. Once I'm back in Illinois, the blog will be up and running again. For now, I'm a bit busy with other things.

Best wishes and happy thoughts to all who read my blog. See you again soon!

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The Sugden Family said...

What a great friend to fly out and drive back with you, so glad you had her help and had a safe trip home! You are missed here in IL. but so happy for you that you are able to be home now with your Mom and able to take that time with her! Take care! Sending warm thoughts and prayers for you all!