Friday, February 20, 2009

Smoochie Smooch

I took Gia to my hairdresser yesterday to get her first professional haircut. I had high hopes that it would go well because each time I asked her if she would get her haircut her response was "yes, I do!". Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. She screamed, kicked, squirmed, cried, and did everything except sit still.
I was planning on putting a picture up of her new do, but since she has a bow in her hair, you can't really see it. Miraculously, it actually turned out quite cute even though she was a moving target.
While I was taking pictures of the girls in their new dresses, they turned to each other and kissed. I'm glad I captured the moment!
The dresses were on the final mark down rack at Penney's for $4. I just had to share that since, as we all know, I am a proud clearance shopper!


Anonymous said...

That's an AWESOME cute picture! I love the way you dress them!!!

The Sugden Family said...

So sweet!!! :)