Monday, March 2, 2009

A visit with my Mom

Last week I got that phone call we all dread. My Mom was sick, going back to the hospital and having trouble breathing.

All day and night went something like new information...blood work...chest X-rays...waiting for the doctor...breathing treatments...doing a little better...admitting to hospital for a few days... more cancer...cancer has spread...things don't look good...who do I call?...get her family there with her.

My sister was in Jamaica and I was here in Illinois, what a horrible feeling to know Mom was there without her children. I felt I had to go home. More importantly, she asked to see her granddaughters.
The girls and I went first, then D.R. met us a few days later. It wasn't easy traveling with them by myself, but they were really good so I can't complain.

Here's Tia telling secrets at the hospital.
She really knows how to perk people up.

Just one more kiss for Gia. She loves kissing her MeMa.

We had a really nice visit. It was nice to see her get a little stronger each day with the radiation treatments. It was hard to leave her and come back home. She assured me it was OK, and I should get the kids back on their regular schedule. Just like her to be thinking of every one else, above herself.

We're home now and still absolutely exhausted. That's OK because it was so worth it. The kids have been talking about their visit with MeMa, especially Gia. Each time I ask "Who do you want to go see today?", her answer is "MeMa!". I'm so glad they bonded like that.

So, the news back home isn't great. Mom's cancer has grown and spread. We've known for almost a year that she has cancer but she was doing so well with treatment. This new news was a serious blow to us all.
All we can do is pray and hope for the best.

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Amy Jo said...

I'm sorry to hear that your mom's heath continues to decline. Your girls are so sweet and I imagine that really brighted her day. PS: I do my best not to take my kids to the grocery store; I can not imagine taking such a long trip with them!