Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Busy days

Today was a busy day. First we went to play group. The kids had a fantastic time and took a great nap. They woke up happy so I decided we should bake cookies.
Here they are waiting a whole 9 minutes for them to bake.

As you can see, Tia won't nap in her clothes. She needs to be 'cozy' in her jammies at nap time.

After the cookies, they decided they wanted to color with markers. I dug through my bin of markers to find the ones that say "Washable".
Here's why that was so important.

I wish you could see the palms of her hands, which are completely green. I wonder why writing on your body is so much more interesting for a toddler than writing on the paper.

Tia decided to work on one of these little wooden puzzles. I picked them up last year at Michael's craft store for .12 cents each. I think I bought 20 of them. They really come in handy on days where I have no ideas left and really don't want to watch more TV. She's pretty proud of herself that she can color in the lines and will work on these for an hour or more. She has always had strong attention to detail as well as great fine-motor skills.

It's only 5:30pm. I'm hoping they will be ready to eat dinner any minute now because I've run out of ideas and am ready to pop in a DVD!

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