Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Patience Please

Today was a bit of a challenge at times. After lunch, Giuliana decided to try her hand at throwing food on the floor again. I thought we were just about past that stage. I asked her calmly many times to pick up her mess. She refused. I put her in her crib twice. Finally she decided she'd rather pick up her mess than go back to her crib a third time. Tia asked if she could help. While they were both picking up the mess Tia looks at me and says "See Mommy, when we share, it makes everyone feel better". Talk about putting things in perspective!

Later this evening it was Tia's turn at being naughty. It's so rare that I tend to forget that she has the ability to purposely disobey. She was really pushing my buttons so I put her in the naughty chair. When she was ready to get up, she asked "Can you just be more patient with me Mommy?". I said "Sure Tia, if you promise to listen to me better next time". Her response, "Deal".

How can a 3 year old be so logical? I don't get it, but I like it.

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