Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentine's Day in a big way this year. Mostly because the girls are old enough to get excited about it, but also because their Nonna and Papa are visiting from New York.

When D.R. and I were Christmas shopping we found a great deal on these sleeping bags. We really had enough stuff for the kids to open, so we put them aside for Valentines Day. I also picked up a cute red outfit for each of them. Two gifts each, that's enough for Valentine's Day, which isn't even really a kid gift-giving holiday anyway. Right?

Well, other people in our family had the same idea.
On Wednesday they got a big package in the mail from Aunt Sheila. Lots of cool stuff that any little girl would love, including candy of course.
On Thursday a package arrived from Aunt Kimmie. They each got a purse filled to the brim with girlie accessories and treats.

Here's Gia insisting on carrying everything all at once!

Then D.R. came home with roses for each of them (and a dozen for me of course!).

Gia decided to try to eat hers. We weren't a bit surprised about that!

Then last night after they went to bed, we decorated with red and pink balloons and set up the table (Nonna's idea) so everything would be ready when they got up this morning. Here's how it looked.

Tia said "This is a nice birthday party". I told her it's not a birthday party, it's a Valentine's party. She said "It's nice, and you did it for me!".

They opened their red outfits from Mom and Dad, and a home made sweater from Nonna and Papa. We had a special breakfast together complete with homemade scones, Nonna style. Yum!

I should mention that D.R. and I were able to go on a date yesterday, lunch and a movie, for the first time in a very long time. We filled ourselves with sushi, then went to see "The Reader" which was a great movie. We had a great time together and were still home in time to put the kids to bed.

We'll have a fancy dinner in the dining room tonight. I know Tia will love it, she loves being fancy!
This is turning into the Valentine's Day celebration that never stops. I wonder if the kids will think it should happen like this every year from now on.
What have we done!?

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The Sugden Family said...

How sweet, what a great day!! Love Gia eating the rose, too funny! Happy Valentine's Day!