Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweet Saturday

We have been snow bound, stuck in the house due to sub zero temperatures, for about 3 days this week. Tia has been begging every day to bake something in the oven. She kept talking about making a chocolate cake. Unfortunately, I had absolutely nothing in the house to bake. So, last night I braved the cold and wind to run to Wal Mart and buy a cake mix. Tia was so happy that she would finally be able to bake something. She really enjoys the kitchen.
Here are a couple pictures of our very sweet adventure today.

Pink is our favorite color.

Always a good idea to taste the frosting, just to be sure it's good enough.

Really, who needs a fork when hands work just fine.

Mmmm, good finished product.

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The Sugden Family said...

mmmm.... makes me want some cake! :)