Monday, January 19, 2009

A Life List

I'm just about finished reading "No Opportunity Wasted, 8 Ways to Create a List for The Life You Want", written by Phil Keoghan. He's the host of The Amazing Race, one of my favorite shows.

The life list isn't a new idea. Some people call this a 'Bucket List' or a 'Things to do Before I Die' list. I like the idea of calling it a life list because it focuses on enhancing your life now, and not hurrying to do something before you die. In fact there was a part of Andy Rooney's book that focused on the list as well.

I've had lists for life before. I write them down, lose the paper, and forget what's on the list. D.R. suggested that I keep the list here on my blog so that doesn't happen this time. He also thought readers of my blog may be inspired to start a list of their own.

So, in the right column of this blog I will keep a running list of things I really want to do in life. We'll see how big the list gets, and how many I get to check off. This could be fun!


Jen F. said...

Your list is great! I started making a list a few weeks back when a friend of mine told me she once worked retail just because she had on her list that she wanted to work a cash register :) I think you have inspired my blog for today!!!

The Sugden Family said...

What a great idea, thanks for the inspiration Ronda!