Monday, December 1, 2008

First snow fall

Last night we got snow that actually stuck to the ground. Tia has been so eager to play in the snow, which is so funny because last year she wouldn't even walk on it. She couldn't stand the feel of the snow crunching beneath her feet. When I opened the curtains this morning to show her we really got snow, she was ready to run right out and jump in it!

She was excited to wear what she calls her "snow coat", as opposed to her dressy coat. Unfortunately we couldn't stay out long because it's so darn cold out there! This is not good playing outside weather.
That's another thing I miss about living in upstate NY. When it snows there, it's possible to go outside and enjoy it. More often than not, here in the mid-west, when we get snow, we get frigid temperatures too.
So, we had a little fun, and of course got some pictures to share.

So far Tia has refused to keep mittens on, but Gia loves wearing hers. She looked so cute all bundled up.

I hope for warmer weather tomorrow!

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