Sunday, November 30, 2008

decking the halls

After an emotional morning, I promised Tia we would decorate the Christmas tree as long as she took a really good nap. She has been really excited about all the Christmas lights and decorations going up around our neighborhood, so I knew this was a good angle to go with.
Once both girls were asleep, and I got in a few minutes of rest myself, I hauled up the Christmas tree from the basement. I was sad thinking about all the ornaments we wouldn't be able to put on this year because of Giuliana. I decided to pass on all the glass balls, remembering our first year here when Tia tried to eat one. I soon realized that we had more than enough non-breakable ornaments, and most of them had special meaning. I enjoyed telling Tia "Aunt Kimmie made this one for you when you were a baby" and "Nonna gave this one to you for your first Christmas". I showed her all the little hand made ornaments from my Mom which she thought were so cool. I showed her which ones were made by my friend Sheila's Mom and even one from my friend Michele's Grandmother. I got excited just explaining where each of them came from and who made them. Both girls loved the ornaments that hold pictures of my niece and nephews.

I guess Tia wanted to get in on the story telling because before long she was saying "I made this one for Jennifer when Daddy was a little boy". I had to laugh out loud at that one!
This year we don't have a fancy tree with lots of glass ornaments. But, we do have a meaningful tree with lots of stories.

We also hung our stockings, which were hand made by my Mom, up high on the entertainment center. This way there will be no peeking. Tia seemed proud that we each have our own special stockings.
Now she just wants to know when Santa is going to put the presents in them!

I had to come back and edit this post to add these pictures. After the girls baths, they disappeared. I found them playing with the tree, and showing each other the ornaments.

When I added the tree skirt, they both decided to pretend to take a nap on it. I guess it looks like a blanket.
You can see some of the hand made ornaments in this picture, like the little slipper in front that my Mom made. She used to fill them with candy for each of the kids in our family.

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