Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A small miracle

A miracle happened at our house last night. Yes, it must have been some sort of divine intervention. Tia ate meat! Our little vegetarian actually ate 2 chicken nuggets. I'm still in shock.

For those of you who don't know Tia, she has never eaten meat products, even as an infant. I remember making tofu for her when she began table food, because we couldn't get her to eat chicken or turkey. Even though D.R. and I don't eat red meat, we have always been willing to let the girls have it. I've tried to give Tia a variety of meats over the past 2 years to no avail.

Last night I made chicken nuggets (for Gia) and potatoes, fully expecting Tia to ignore the nuggets and just eat potatoes. I also gave her some yogurt figuring that would be her protein. She looked at the nuggets and said "what's this called Mom? Is this a hamburger?". I played it smart and said "No, it's just a nugget". I know full well if I said the word chicken, it would be all over. She ate two of them! I told her I was proud of her for trying something new. I told D.R. to NEVER call them chicken nuggets, and that in our house they are just called nuggets.

I am smart enough to know that this is probably a very temporary victory in our household. That's OK, one small miracle at a time is all I ask for. Tomorrow is another day.

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Amy Jo said...

lol! NEVER call them nuggets. That is really funny! Isn't it crazy how careful we have to be with our word choices? They really do make a difference!