Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The simple things

As the holidays grow nearer, I have been thinking about the things that make me happy. People get so caught up in the material things of life, and somehow think that more things will make them happy. I laugh when I see that commercial of the guy riding his big expensive lawn mower with a big fake grin on his face. He says something like "See my big house, my pool, expensive cars...and I'm in debt up to my eyeballs". That sort of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?
I'm not talking about what I am thankful for, because I'm sure I will write about that on Thursday. I'm referring to the things that make me truly happy. My friend Amy Jo calls these "the little moments". I agree, the little moments are so important. I call them the simple things, and they don't cost anything.
Here is a partial list of the simple things in my life that bring me true happiness.

*When D.R. turns the alarm off and rolls over to give me one more snuggle before beginning his day. Having a husband who still likes to cuddle makes me happy.
*When Tia wakes up and asks me with her huge blue eyes "How did you sleep Mommy?".
*When Gia gets up from her nap, throws her arms around my neck, squeezing me as hard as she can, and lets out a little grunt. That's true love.
*Watching a perfect sunrise out my kitchen window makes me happy.
*Getting through a tough workout, knowing I CAN do it, makes me happy.
*When I see Tia willingly sharing anything she has with her sister, that makes me happy.
*When Gia grabs my face and plants a big slimy kiss on me, I am truly happy. Giddy even.
*Sitting at the dinner table with my family each night makes me happy.
*Teaching my daughter about the true meaning of Christmas makes me happy.

These are just a few things that happen almost every day, simple things, that make me truly happy. I'm sure I could sit here and go on and on but I can make my point without doing that. The advertisements for all those "must have" Christmas gift items have begun. Those diamond earrings and expensive electronics don't really make us happy. So, this holiday season, let's focus more on the simple things in life. Those things that are free, and we already have plenty of. I think we'll all be a lot happier in the long run.


The Sugden Family said...

AMEN! Well put!!

I feel the very same way!! It is all about the simple pleasures!!
I wish my husband (the spoiled only child) would learn this valuable lesson!
He's gotten a lot better, but still thinks he needs every new gadget to hit the market the moment, or even before it's available! And grown up toys are much more expensive!!

Maybe I'll casually leave your blog up on the computer screen when he gets home?! (hint, hint) :)

Amy Jo said...

I loved reading about some of your "little moments". Gia grunting is really funny.

Today Joshua was playing the wii when Kaylee came up behind him to give him a hug. He actually pushed pause and stopped to give her a good hug. WOW! That made me so happy! Now I understand why my mom would say it made her happy to see us kids get along. I thought that was wierd when I was a kid...