Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holy Ick!

Here's a darling little picture of the girls sitting in their car seats in the living room. However, the story begins the day before when I decided to pull the seats out of the car. Tia had been complaining that her straps were too tight. I figured they both could use a little adjusting since both girls have certainly grown since I first installed them.
So, yesterday evening I took both seats out of the car for adjustments and cleaning. Here is an example of what I found in the base of just one of the seats.

Eeeewwwww. I can't even describe what was jammed in the seat back. Needless to say I washed both seat covers, vacuumed out my car, and pretty much disinfected everything before putting them back in.
I honestly could have fed a decent size village in Uganda with everything that I sucked up in my Handy Vac!
I will definitely go through this procedure more than once a year from now on.


The Sugden Family said...

That is Hilarious! :) Yum! Were those Goldfish crackers I saw smooshed in there!? HA ha!
Good idea, I need to do that too!! Scared of what I'll find!?

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh....god knows what I will find in my car...I haven't cleaned it since God knows when!