Sunday, November 23, 2008

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. I was thinking the other day how perfect it worked out that Tia was born first. She was meant to be the big sister. She was always a good baby, hardly ever cried, and slept well. She has always been very loving and caring, and adores babies. It's no mistake that she was born first. God had a plan, I am sure of it. Ever since she was able to talk in sentences she has said things like "No no Ju Ju, don't touch that" and "Oh, that doesn't belong to you, let's put it back".
Here are some other examples of why I am thankful Tia came first.

On a recent afternoon Gia was sitting in her high chair and Tia was in the family room watching a movie. Gia for some reason started to cry like crazy when I asked her "are you all done". I don't know what was going on in her little head but she seemed startled. Tia left her movie, went over to the toy box, picked out a baby toy, and brought it to Gia. She said "Here Ju Ju, here's your lady bug toy, don't be sad". I just about started crying too when I heard her kind words. Of course Gia pushed the toy away and continued to cry. Tia turned to me and said "Mom, she doesn't want this toy, I can't help her". I thanked Tia for trying to help and for being a good big sister.

For a few weeks now Gia has been going to a baby music class on Monday mornings. During that hour Tia goes into the baby sitting room. Tonight I mentioned that Gia doesn't have music class tomorrow, and Tia's response was "So, Gia can go into playschool with me tomorrow?". She was genuinely excited that she would be back with her sister for that hour. She melts my heart.

During one of Gia's recent melt downs/temper tantrums where she was just inconsolable I was at my wits end. Tia came to me and said "Mom, I think Ju Ju doesn't feel good, that's why she's cranky". She has a way of putting it all in perspective for me.

I realize that Gia needs a big sister like Tia. She understands her, has patience with her, and wants to help her whenever possible. Tia knows that her baby sister is different than herself, has a different personality and certainly different moods. But she loves her sister, kisses and hugs her every day and can't imagine a day without her.
There's a natural order to things. This surely happened for a reason.

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The Sugden Family said...

Ronda, talk about making me cry! I'm blubbering like a baby with this one!! What a sweetheart!!
I too have thought the same thing with my boys. I am so glad Austin came first, he is just like sweet and patient with his brother. Even when Jack is cranky! It's so sweet! I think our kids are about the same age... I enjoy reading your posts because they seem to be doing and saying the same sorts of things!
I was worried at first, having them so close together...but now I think it's wonderful! They're so close! I imagine your girls will always be close! I hope my boys will be too! :) Looking forward to your posts!