Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why I have so much laundry.

Tia wakes up and asks which dress she can wear. This has been going on for a couple weeks now.
Today, this is what she picked out.

It's ironic because this dress used to belong to my God Daughter Alia, and today is Alia's birthday.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

We go to the mall and of course get ice cream. Tia gets a little on this dress and must change when we get home. That's OK with me because it's almost nap time anyway so I put her in some pajamas.
When she wakes up she wants the pajamas off immediately and picks out a new dress. I put the pajamas away for later because they are not dirty (thank goodness for that!).
She picks out a new dress.
The girls have dinner and Gia gets hers all over her, head to toe. I wash her up and change her into pajamas thinking we are in for the night. Well, I forgot to pick up D.R.'s dry cleaning. He asked me so nicely to do it since he would be working late, and I agreed.
OK, gotta' run out again but I let her go in her pajamas because we're only making one stop.
The LOVELY lady at the cleaners gives the girls each a HUGE lollipop as we leave.
Great, just great. They not only get the stickiness of the lollipop all over themselves, and their clothes, but all over my clothes! We are all a big sticky mess.
I make them finish the lollipops outside so they won't get the house sticky too.
Now Gia needs new pajamas, Tia's second dress of the day is a sticky mess, and my pants and shirt also need to go in the wash.
I was not planning to give them a bath tonight. I try to skip a night here and there so they don't get dry skin, and it's better for the environment too.
Well, at this point I must bathe them, and put clean pajamas on them both.
So let's take a wash tally...

2 dresses for Tia.
1 outfit, 1 pair of pajamas and 1 pair of socks for Gia.
one shirt and one pair of pants for Mom.
2 very sticky wash cloths.

And I wonder why the laundry seems to never end? This explains it all.

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Amy Jo said...

I hear you! I try to leave Joshua in his dirty clothes, but now he likes to change any time he's wet or a little dirty. It really adds to the laundry, but I'm thankful that he'll go up to his room and change his clothes without my help now. I've started doing laundry in batches; the kids laundry only and the "adult clothes" separately. It makes me feel more effecient when I'm putting clothes away.