Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Out of the house after 3 days

Ahhh, it felt great for both the kids and myself to get out of the house after being cooped up for so long. We are used to being on the go almost every day. It was a rainy morning so we headed to the mall. They ran around, rode the toy cars, discovered the Disney Store (first time, many ooohs and aaaaahs) and of course, had ice cream.
What a treat.
Since I never shop at the Disney Store, I had forgotten how fun it can be, and had no idea they have clearance items! woo hoo for me.
We have a couple little girls in our neighborhood who absolutely LOVE Ariel. I had them in mind when I saw this back pack and lunch box. They were sold separately but hook onto each other. The back pack and lunch box together totaled about $7! I couldn't believe it.

Of course I bought 2 each in anticipation of being invited to one or both of their birthday parties. Now I have their gifts all set.
If for some reason we don't get invited, then Tia will have a new set for new school next year (and a spare)!
What little girl wouldn't love to carry this around.
On a side note, can you believe with all the Princess stuff in that store that Tia was absolutely fine walking out of there without buying a thing for herself!?

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