Thursday, October 9, 2008

More closet adventures

Since Tia asks every day which dress she can wear, and usually begs to wear one that is not appropriate for the weather, I have come up with a solution.
I saw this rack on clearance (of course) at our local Toys R Us that is going out of business.

It is perfectly eye level for Tia. I hung about a weeks worth of dresses that are appropriate for the season on the new rack. Now when she goes in her closet she knows she can pick something off the lower rack, and there's no arguing, no tears!

I also thought this would come in handy when she is in school. I can hang a weeks worth of outfits on the rack so when it's time to get dressed in the morning we aren't hunting around for something to wear at the last minute. Maybe she and I can pick out 5 outfits on Sunday before bed, and save tons of hassle during the week.
I swear I am a genius!

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