Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doing our part

I am not totally obsessed about taking care of the environment, but I do try to do my part (D.R. would disagree here because I am always on him for the things he throws away that could be recycled).
I recycle all of our newspapers, cans, milk jugs, etc. I also try to reduce the amount of waste that I contribute to the landfills.
That's part of the reason I have never bought these little plastic containers of juice for the kids. The other reason is that we just don't give our kids a lot of juice.
Well, thrifty Ronda took over environmentalist Ronda, because I had a great coupon and they were cheap!

So, after splitting a juice with the kids this morning (the extra Vitamin C is a good idea for all of us right now), I looked at that container and thought "There's gotta' be something I can do with this". I asked Tia if she thought it would make a good penny jar and her response was "Yeah Mom, let's recycle it!". This kid is too much. I assume she learned that from one of the shows on PBS.
So, we broke out the paints, and she had a blast. I will cut a slit in the top and she can keep her pennies in it.
The cool thing is that it's her own creation, and it won't end up in a land fill somewhere.

She told me that she would like to paint one for her sister too. That means we have 4 bottles left. Anyone need a hand painted penny jar? Made to order!

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Amy Jo said...

Very cute idea! Our kids are going to be much more informed about recycling than we were growing up.