Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boo Boo

At the doctors office yesterday the kids were having great fun until the nurse came in with her basket of needles and other goodies. Having just had their own flu shots, they recognized the paraphernalia all too well. They both immediately started crying before the nurse even got started. Once she stuck me with the needle, Gia yelled "Oww, oww, boo boo". It's amazing to me how she can not only remember that when she got her shot it hurt her, but to be able to transfer that feeling to what was happening to me at that moment. And she was able to put those feelings into words!
Later in the evening D.R. was asking Tia about our visit to the doctor. She told him I got a shot. He asked her if it hurt me and her response was "No, it was just pretend". She must think since I didn't cry, that I didn't really get a shot.
They are hilarious!

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