Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm starvin' here!

Well, today is the day I go for my blood work at the doctor. Because I am on a cholesterol medication, I have to go in a couple times a year to make sure my body isn't freaking out.
You would think with all the exercise I do and fiber I eat, my cholesterol would be below normal, but not so. "Heredity" the doc says. For this I have the Aceto's to thank. I love them all so dearly that I will even forgive the bad genes they passed on to me.
Anyway, my point is I can't eat before the blood draw and I am hungry. I miss the days back in Rochester when I could go to a lab at 6am. and be home by 6:30 to eat breakfast. Not here. They do it at the docs office and they open at 8:30.
I also have to take the kids with me since D.R. left for work an hour ago. In Rochester I could be there and back before he left. Oh well, we'll have to see what kind of adventure this morning will become.
I guess I'll go pack a breakfast for the car ride home!

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